Child Support in San Antonio, Texas

In most situations, Texas bases child support calculations on guidelines that are set by statute. Although this often makes support matters relatively straightforward, it is still important to have an attorney at your side to ensure that you pay or receive a fair amount of support.

Our Approach To Child Support Cases

The San Antonio family attorneys of Bineham & Gillen, PLLC draw on years of experience to protect your interests in child support and all other family law matters. We have an in-depth understanding of Texas child support guidelines and how they can affect a child support agreement or order. When you work with us, you will always have access to a child support attorney so that you can receive the trusted advice you need directly from an experienced legal professional.

We take the time to answer all of your questions and guide you through each stage of the child support process. We will help you understand all relevant concepts that may arise during and after support is set, including:

  • Understanding Income-Based Guidelines: Texas law looks at many factors, such as number of children, financial means, disability and many others, to come up with a precise child support number. We help you understand how support calculations affect your obligations to pay or ability to receive child support.
  • Contempt and Enforcement Actions: When the other parent does not make required payments, it can be detrimental to your children and put additional stress on you. We petition the court to use its enforcement mechanisms — suspension of driver’s licenses, garnishment of wages and even jail time — to hold the other parent accountable and help you obtain the money you need for your children to grow and thrive.
  • Modifications: Modification allow you to change the support you pay or receive based on a change in your financial circumstances. A person paying child support will typically seek a modification if he or she has lost a job and no longer has the means to make payments. Someone receiving child support typically seeks an increase in payments when he or she learns that the children’s other parent has substantially increased his or her earnings.

Court Action for Non-Payment of Child Support

There are many ways that the court can penalize a parent who does not pay child support or is delinquent. These include:

  • Suspending the Parent’s Driver’s License for Six Months
  • Placing the Parent on Probation
  • Putting the Parent in Jail
  • Requiring the Parent to Pay the Other Parent’s Attorney Fees

Your children deserve the child support determined by the court. Ask us to help you obtain what is owed you with effective and efficient legal services. Schedule a free consultation today.

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