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November 11, 2019by Bineham & Gillen Law

Dealing with a divorce is tremendously stressful on all parties involved, but unfortunately, the effects of divorce on men often get overlooked. Statistically, women initiate almost 70% of divorces, so it’s common that people assume they hold the most emotional distress. However, men deal with a unique set of complications that can affect their mental state and health.

Here are some of the most common issues that men face while going through a divorce.

Emotional Distress

Considering women file for the majority of divorces, it often comes unexpected to men when their wives file for divorce – even when the relationship has been unhappy. This means that men have to deal with a spectrum of feelings while carrying on with their responsibilities. Throughout the history of time, men have been told to not outwardly express emotion. Instead of being able to face their emotions in a healthy manner, they tend to suffer in solitude to protect their ego.


The amount of money that is spent during a divorce can be astronomical. Legal fees, settlements and debt tend to add up quickly. Assets are usually divided evenly, and if there isn’t much to begin with, it is devastating. Their self-esteem often takes a big hit when their net worth is lowered, whereas their stress often heightens. When children are involved, a whole new set of issues arises, such as child support and providing care solely.

Custody Problems

Even in modern day, mothers still usually end up getting primary custody. This means that the father doesn’t get to live with their children all year – or even at all in extreme cases. This takes a significant toll on a man and can lead to depression and even health problems. Even when a father tries to be as involved as possible, society often labels them as a deadbeat or lowlife.

Children of all ages can be severely affected from a divorce. As stated before, women usually get majority custody, so naturally this means that a child may not get to have their father in their life as much as they need. Whether they mean to or not, mothers may portray the father in a bad light because of personal turmoil, which shapes the child’s point of view. This may cause a child to see their dad as absent. Over time, resentment may build up, and it is not uncommon for divorced fathers to have poor relationships or no relationship at all with their children.

It is true that separating couples without kids may avoid a lot of legal stuff – often they can just mediate and split the assets. However, even without children, the effects of divorce on men are still significant. Legal troubles may be lessened, however, a man is often left to cope entirely by themselves. Over time, this may lead to severe mental and physical health problems.

An experienced divorce lawyer can assist separating couples in keeping everything in perspective for a smooth divorce and a healthy co-parenting relationship can be maintained. Call the professionals at Bineham and Gillen to assist with your divorce or custody needs.

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