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When choosing a family law attorney, you need somebody who has seen it all. Bineham & Gillen's combined divorce law expertise spans more than 30 years. As your legal advocate, our goal for you is a speedy and compassionate resolution at a fair price.

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The team at Bineham & Gillen takes pride in its knowledge and client communication. Highly experienced in all aspects of San Antonio family law, we specialize in divorce, child support and child custody cases. In each of these complex and sensitive areas, our attorneys will break down the specifics with you. We respect your needs, but will always clarify what the law cannot do. We avoid empty promises and tell the truth, even if it may not be what you want to hear. Putting your interests first, we help you reach the smartest solution. It’s who we’ve been long before the family practices of William “Doug” Bineham and James F. Gillen, Jr. merged in 2014.

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Be confident that you are working with respected, skilled San Antonio divorce lawyers who have seen it all. With over 30 years of family law experience, our team is able to anticipate the behavior of the opposing party and their attorney. You will not feel like just another case or be treated with cookie-cutter tactics – each case is different and you will receive personalized attention from Day One. We place a premium on attorney-client communication and are easily accessible to clients. Most importantly, we choose to be smart over right, and we’ll compassionately hold you to that standard.

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Comprehensive divorce services, from finance to child custody.
We successfully handle complicated military divorce cases.
Advocacy for fathers' rights, mothers' rights and LGBT parents.
We'll assertively stand beside you as your advocate.
Experienced divorce mediation for child support, visitation and more.
You've worked hard for your assets - let's protect them.

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Comprehensive Family Law Services

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The San Antonio family law attorneys at Bineham & Gillen are hard at work for you. From finance to child custody, we are always prepared to handle a wide range of complex family law issues. We fight for fair solutions that focus on smart decisions over being right.
From Day One, we’ll break down the specifics of your case, share your options, and collaborate on the next steps. Family law is a personal field; we handle our role with the utmost respect and discretion.

We strive for same-day consultations.

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