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From ER To Courtroom

James Gillen is a seasoned attorney and partner at Bineham & Gillen Law Firm, located in San Antonio, Texas. With a diverse background encompassing both law and healthcare, Gillen brings a unique perspective to his legal practice.

James Gillen holds a Juris Doctorate in Law from St. Mary’s University and is licensed to practice in Texas. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing — he maintains his Registered Nursing license.

Professional Background

Prior to embarking on his legal career, Gillen served in the United States Marine Corps during Desert Storm. He then transitioned to become a Registered Nurse, specializing in critical care in various Emergency Rooms across San Antonio.

Since obtaining his law license in 2005, James has primarily focused on litigation, handling family law cases, civil litigation and probate matters. Additionally, he has a strong background in estate planning and business law, assisting clients with business formation and contracts.

James’ dedication to his profession extends beyond his legal practice. He has served on several boards, including the Law Alumni Board and the Hispanic Law Alumni Board for St. Mary’s University, as well as the Guardian House Board. In 2017, he held the position of President of the St. Mary’s Law Alumni Board and currently serves as Secretary for the Guardian House Board.

Other notable memberships include:

  • San Antonio Bar Association
  • San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association
  • Texas Trial Lawyers Association
  • The Center for Family Relations, Board Member

James Gillen Jr.

A Passion For Profession

Driven by a passion for helping others, James found a natural fit in the legal profession. His diverse experiences, including military service and nursing, have equipped him with invaluable skills and insights that he applies to his practice. He also brings a wealth of experience in business law and estate planning to his clients.

A Little About James’ Life

Outside of his legal career, James Gillen enjoys spending time outdoors, particularly along the coast. With a childhood rooted in a coastal town, he has developed a deep affinity for the water. Additionally, he is an avid golfer, finding relaxation and enjoyment on the golf course.

San Antonio’s Trustworthy Legal Council

With 18 years of experience in his field, James Gillen continues to make a positive impact on his clients’ lives through his dedication, expertise, and commitment to service.