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FAQsWhat Types of Divorce Scenarios Do We Handle?

Contested vs Uncontested

Not all divorces are contested. In many cases, the parties agree on more than they disagree. In these cases, the parties seek an attorney to help facilitate their divorce by taking their agreement and putting it in legal form. Ethically, an attorney cannot represent both spouses during a divorce. However, when working with one spouse, we will strive to ensure that the parties’ agreement is drafted into the final decree of divorce.

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International Divorce

The laws of international law are complicated. It takes a seasoned divorce attorney with expertise in divorce law to help clients get the best outcome. International laws such as Mahr agreements and the Hague Convention vary across countries, and a professional is needed. Expatriates and cases where each spouse is from a different country can further complicate divorce cases.

Military Divorce

When a member of the military is involved in a divorce, the process becomes more complex and there are additional issues that must be addressed than in a traditional divorce situation. Since state and federal laws govern military divorce, it is wise to seek legal counsel for results that meet your requirements.

LGBT Divorce

Generally, the same concerns that involve family law also apply to same-sex family law. However, same-sex partners do not have all the legal protections that husbands and wives in traditional marriage do. Marriage of opposite- and same-sex couples requires a commitment that affects all areas of your life, long after a divorce or separation. When thinking about such partnerships and possible legal contracts, it is a good idea to have a qualified lawyer draft them for you.

Filing Your Own Divorce

In cases of uncontested divorces, you may be wondering if you could just file on your own behalf or “pro se”. This process, casually called the “do it yourself” divorce, means that you complete documents, file them with the court and attend a hearing without a divorce lawyer’s assistance.

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