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FAQsHow Can I Enforce My Child Custody or Support Order?

Child Visitation Enforcement

Unfortunately, some parents do not follow the orders set out in the final decree or custody agreement. Instead, they withhold the children from the other parent. If you have been unable to see your children because the other parent has been not complying with a court order, then please call us to help you get access to your children.

Child support attorney in San Antonio

When a parent violates the possession and access orders contained in a final divorce decree or a custody agreement, he or she can be held found in contempt of a court order. If an individual is found in contempt for violating a possession or access order, he or she can be placed in jail and/or ordered to pay the other party’s attorney fees. You can also ask the court to give you additional periods of possession and access to the child to make up for the time you were denied access.

Child Support Enforcement

Even after your family law case has been settled and final orders have been put in place, there often are disputes about child support, leaving you no option but to seek legal action. We recommend that you turn to our attorneys for the enforcement of child support.

When the responsible party is not paying child support, it puts a serious strain on your monthly budget. After all, such payments are factored into your revenue and expenses for the month. When your ex-spouse is late in paying child support or is not paying any amount at all, ask us for assistance in seeking enforcement.

Child Support More Clear-Cut

With delinquent child support, the violations are clearer. For instance, a specific amount of money was not paid on a certain date. This violation can lead to time in jail and probation, payment of court costs attorney fees, as well as a suspension of the parent’s driver’s license.

Our team of experienced child custody lawyers is here to support you in receiving the money you are owed and to see that your children’s visitation goes smoothly. Schedule your consultation with our team if you’re struggling with child support and custody enforcement.

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