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Estate And Financial Planning In Helotes, TX In the heart of Helotes, Texas, lies a crucial consideration for individuals and families alike — estate planning. But who truly benefits from this process, and why is it such a vital aspect of financial management? The legal team at Bineham & Gillen understands the importance of estate […]

A Comprehensive Look At International Divorce Laws With Bineham & Gillen International divorce is an intricate and complex process that requires extensive bureaucratic navigation. To ensure a smooth and effective proceeding, it’s crucial to engage a seasoned international divorce attorney. Bineham & Gillen can provide essential assistance with paperwork and legal strategies to safeguard your […]

Advice For Smooth Divorce Proceedings Traditional litigation cases can be stressful, especially when dealing with the end of a marriage. Divorce isn’t always a mutual decision, but a collaborative process like legal mediation can make the situation much more peaceful, helping both parties come to a mutually agreeable solution and simplifying the process. At Bineham […]

Expert Insights From Bineham & Gillen Dealing with a divorce is tremendously stressful for all parties involved, but unfortunately, the effects of divorce on men often get overlooked. Statistically, women initiate almost 70% of divorces, so it’s common that people assume they hold the most emotional distress. However, men deal with a unique set of […]

As the summer months approach, many divorced parents may find themselves confronted for the first time with the boundaries of summer custody schedules. We at Bineham & Gillen understand that court order jargon can be difficult to comprehend at times, so we’ve created this article to assist you in better understanding the summer visitation process. […]

Co-parenting can be a difficult thing to adapt to. It can seem impossible to work with your ex-partner, leaving you feeling lost and unsure of what to do. It’s crucial to have an effective plan for your joint parenting arrangement to achieve peace of mind. Here at Bineham & Gillen, we’ve assisted with many divorces […]

Regardless of the situation, every divorce will have roadblocks you’ll have to navigate around. The scenario may feel challenging as if you’re always strategizing your next move. This raises the question – does it matter who files for dissolution first? Bineham & Gillen has a team of family lawyers here in the San Antonio area […]

Co-parenting as a divorced couple is challenging enough while living in the same state. When parents of a child are trying to determine custody while residing in separate states, it becomes an even bigger challenge. Interstate custody arrangements and battles can get overwhelming and frustrating for all parties involved. Luckily, decisions regarding custody orders in […]