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International divorce is an extremely complicated process that necessitates a lot of bureaucratic maneuvering. To get through the process as painlessly as possible, make sure to get a seasoned international divorce attorney from Bineham & Gillen to help you with important paperwork and to best advocate for your interests. Residency Status If you’re getting an […]

Military Child Custody Laws in Texas While military child custody cases resemble traditional ones, for the most part, situations like deployment and relocation add an extra layer of consideration. In response to a growing need, laws are coming into play that ensures the rights of military parents are protected. It’s best to have a military […]

Divorce is a complex and emotionally charged process that requires lots of patience. At Bineham and Gillen, we understand more than just the legalities of this decision. Our experience as legal advocates has only grown in the 30-plus years we’ve been in business. This means you can trust us when it comes to divorce by […]

Child Custody Cases in Texas As the summer months approach, many divorced parents may find themselves confronted for the first time with the boundaries of summer custody schedules. Bineham & Gillen understands that court order jargon can be difficult to comprehend at times, so we’ve created this article to assist you in better understanding the […]

Uncontested Divorce vs Conscious Uncoupling Ending a marriage through divorce can be a difficult and emotional process. Sometimes, however, both parties involved would like to end on amicable terms. If you and your spouse have found yourselves in this position, then there are two divorce styles to choose from: uncontested divorce or conscious uncoupling. Below, […]

Signs You Need Legal Mediation Legal mediation is a popular method used to find a legal solution to many, if not most, civil cases. Below, you’ll find a summary of as well as signs that may suggest you need this type of representation for your case. What is Legal Mediation? Legal mediation is the process […]

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