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divorceThe Benefits Of Legal Mediation In Your Divorce

Traditional litigation cases can be stressful, especially when dealing with the end of a marriage. Divorce isn’t always a mutual decision, but a collaborative process can make the situation much more peaceful. Legal mediation can help both parties come to a solution that makes the process smoother.

The professionals at Bineham & Gillen advocate for your needs and best interests. With over 30 years of experience, our licensed attorneys are prepared to help you through legal processes. Keep reading to learn about legal mediation and the benefits it can offer.

What Is Legal Mediation?

During legal mediation, both parties of the divorce will meet with a neutral third party to settle the terms of the case. This process guarantees no specific outcome. It also doesn’t require a contractual participation agreement. The mediator helps the parties agree on the terms of the case.

Most divorce cases can benefit from legal mediation. However, this process is best for two parties who are unlikely to come to a resolution. The third-party will speak with you and your spouse together and individually to help find a mutual agreement.

Why You Should Consider Legal Mediation

Traditional divorces are often associated with stress and emotional complications. Thankfully, a no-court divorce offers a variety of benefits for your emotional and physical well-being. You can trust our professionals to make the process easier for you and your spouse.

It’s A Friendly Divorce Process

Mediation can be a peaceful alternative to a court divorce, especially when children are involved. Your family has control over the case outcome rather than leaving it to a court hearing. The collaborative process can lessen the stress for you and your family, easing your kids through the situation.

Mediated Divorces Are Cheaper

Mediated divorce cases have one lawyer who remains neutral throughout the proceedings. This process saves money since two legal representatives aren’t required. Additionally, no court fees are required. This advantage makes the process inexpensive and faster than traditional litigations.

Increased Personal Privacy

Court divorces are open to the public. A mediated divorce case is private, allowing discretion for both parties. The element of privacy is important for many families. Your family will have more time to come to terms with the situation before they face other people.

Both Parties Have More Control

With collaboration, you and your partner have more authority over the terms that come with ending your marriage. A traditional court divorce leaves both parties with less control since court officials have the final say over the outcome. When you have control over the proceedings, the process will be simpler for both parties to handle.

Achieve Peace Of Mind With San Antonio Family Law

Divorce is never a simple process. Bineham & Gillen are here to help the proceedings conclude as smoothly as possible for the sake of you and your family. With a professional San Antonio divorce attorney, you can trust that your case is in good hands. Contact us today to speak with a representative and determine if legal mediation is right for you.

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