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divorceThe Benefits of Legal Mediation in Your Divorce

December 7, 2018by Bineham & Gillen Law
While divorce isn’t always a mutual decision, a collaborative path to divorce can be more peaceful and easier on both parties involved and their family members. Legal mediation is when both parties of the divorce meet with a neutral third party to help settle the case. The legal mediator is there for both parties and helps them reach an agreement on the terms of the divorce.  This path is seen as a friendly divorce and is a no-court divorce, which can reduce costs for both sides.
Mediation is an option unless you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, is domineering in behavior, or if there has been a history of abuse in the relationship. There are many benefits to a no-court divorce. Here are just a few.

Mediated Divorces are Cheaper

Since there is only one lawyer who is neutral in the proceeding, legal mediation reduces the cost of legal advice in the divorce. There are also no court fees for legal mediation, and it can be a faster process – which reduces the cost as well.

A More Peaceful Divorce Process

When children are involved or there is a mutual agreement of divorce, mediation can be a more peaceful alternative to a court divorce. This can be easier on children and lessen the stress in the proceedings.

Increased Personal Privacy

While a court divorce is open for the public, a mediated divorce is private and allows for more discretion with both parties. This can give your family the time they need to come to terms with the divorce before having to face family or friends.

Both Parties Have More Control

You and your partner are in control of making all the decisions when it comes to ending your marriage and the terms that come with it. If the divorce goes to court, the court has control of the final decision and can make the outcome undesirable or unexpected. Control over the proceedings can help the relationship end more amicably and with agreed-upon terms.
Divorce is never easy for either side of the marriage or for anyone in the family. Bineham & Gillen Family and Divorce Lawyers have experience in legal mediation and are here to make your divorce go smoothly. Contact Bineham & Gillen today to determine if legal mediation is right for you.
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