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divorceWhat to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer During the Initial Consultation

February 27, 2019by James Gillen

Searching for a divorce lawyer can be a tough process, but it doesn’t have to be. If you know what to look for in a lawyer and know the right questions to ask, the process becomes much easier. Check out these tips on what to ask your potential lawyer during a divorce consultation.

What questions should you ask before making your decision?

Your first questions to ask will most likely revolve around finances, child custody and the timeline of events. Here are some other topics to ask questions on during your first meeting:

  • Fee structure: Know if the lawyer will be billing you per hour they spend on your case or if the cost is a fixed fee.
  • Timeline: Although each divorce case is different, asking what the general timeline should look like is important. Each state has different rules to follow, so know exactly what you’re getting into.
  • Alimony: Whether you think you should be getting alimony or paying it, asking about the guidelines your state has set for alimony is crucial.
  • Child custody: If you and your spouse cannot agree upon a custody agreement, ask your lawyer what your options are to ensure you have as much information as possible before starting the divorce process.

What should you expect during your first meeting with a divorce lawyer?

Depending on your situation, your first meeting could look a little different. However, most meetings will usually cover the same things. These include going over the divorce case and discussing what options are available to you. And, of course, the first meeting is where you’ll ask a lot of your questions – but make sure the attorney is also asking a lot of questions. They should be getting to know your case and you as their potential client.

When it comes to hiring a divorce attorney, we know it can be hard. Give Bineham and Gillen a call so we can help make the process easier.