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Co-parenting as a divorced couple is challenging enough while living in the same state. When parents of a child are trying to determine custody while residing in separate states, it becomes an even bigger challenge. Interstate custody arrangements and battles can get overwhelming and frustrating for all parties involved. Luckily, decisions regarding custody are always […]

A lot of questions might pop up with your lawyer during the course of a divorce. But no one really talks about what occurs afterward. What happens if you think it was an unfair divorce settlement? This is where appealing a divorce decree comes to play. Before we talk about the process of appealing your […]

Divorces are complicated, and an international divorce is even more difficult. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to an international divorce and a lot of questions that need to be answered. Here are a few answers to common questions to help get the ball rolling. But remember, hiring an international divorce lawyer […]

Understanding the differences between a legal separation and a divorce can be difficult, especially in a stressful time. Let’s break it down to see what the differences are between a divorce and a separation. Legal separation During a legal separation, you are choosing to not live with your spouse but still split the majority of […]

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