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divorce3 Tips for A Successful Divorce


Do the right thing. Be nice!

There are 14 Civil District Court judges in Bexar County that hear divorce cases daily. Tensions run high in divorce, and most of the time judges are confronted with two people behaving badly. Make it easy for them and easier on yourself by doing the right thing even if emotions run high. I always instruct my clients to act like a nice, sweet Sunday School teacher at all times, both to their spouse and to the opposing attorney.

3 Tips For A Successful Divorce

  1. Always assume that any phone call with your spouse is being recorded, because it could be. You do not want to be embarrassed in front of a judge or a jury by having a tape recording played of you cursing at your spouse or acting rudely.
  2. Make sure that your texts, emails and other correspondence are respectful of your spouse. Even if your spouse is unkind to you, you should be kind and respectful back to them.
  3. Watch what you post on social media! Texts, emails, and social media posts are used as evidence in almost every case. You do not want to be embarrassed in front of the judge or jury when these are read aloud in court.