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FAQsWhat’s The LGBT Divorce Process Like In Texas?

Know Your Rights

Change, controversy and confusion abound when it comes to same-sex family law. However, the divorce attorneys at Bineham & Gillen stay up-to-date on the latest legal developments about gay marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships. We’ll help you understand how the law applies to you, your partner and your family.

LGBT San Antonio Divorce Attorney

Unique Issues

Generally, the same concerns that involve family law also apply to same-sex family law. However, same-sex partners do not have all the legal protections that husbands and wives do. Marriage of opposite- and same-sex couples requires a commitment that affects all areas of your life, long after a divorce or separation. When thinking about such partnerships and possible legal contracts, it is a good idea to have a qualified lawyer draft them for you.

Common Issues

People involved in a same-sex marriage or partnership experience the same concerns that opposite-sex couples do – divorce or dissolution of the union, child custody and support, and domestic violence. When you have such concerns, come to us for accurate legal advice and compassionate service.

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