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FAQsWhat Are A Mother’s Rights In A Child Custody Battle?

Mothers Rights

Mothers have a natural ability to care for and protect their children. They are selfless and only want the best for their families. When faced with family law disputes over issues such as divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, and relocation, a mother’s protective instinct will kick in, and can at times make it difficult to remain calm. With only their children in mind, a mother can easily feel overwhelmed when facing these issues.

Divorce can be a very stressful time in a mother’s life. Oftentimes this stress is increased by the uncertainty created when a divorce is filed. This sense of uncertainty is only emphasized when mothers begin to think about future finances, such as how the bills will be paid or who will pay for all the needs of the children. It can leave mothers feeling as though they will never regain the sense of normalcy they once had before the divorce proceedings.

Custody attorneys in San Antonio
Custody Lawyers in San Antonio

Child Custody

Child custody attorneys make sure a mother’s rights and children are protected when it comes to custody agreements. They represent both mothers and fathers in child custody disputes and, as a result, fully understand the differences as well as the challenges each parent will have in a child custody case. Our attorneys guide mothers through all stages of custody matters. The court considers many factors when determining child custody matters such as the stability of the parent’s home, age of the children, and needs of the children. It is important to have someone you can trust on your side to help you make sure your children are protected.

Child Support

In Texas, the amount of child support is typically determined by agreement between the parties or more often by the statutory guidelines in the Texas Family Code. It’s important to understand the child support calculations that determine the amount of child support your children are entitled to receive as support. A correct calculation ensures you receive a fair amount of support.

In many instances, mothers experience financial difficulty when they do not receive the court ordered child support. Our family law attorneys can provide you the help you need to enforce your child support order. We take the stress out of trying to collect missed child support payments.

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