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child supportcustodydivorceWhat Kinds of Cases Do Family Lawyers Take?


In the world of law, there are many different types of lawyers for specific types of cases. You’ve probably heard of a family lawyer or family law cases, but do you know what types of cases those actually cover? There are many types of family law cases that exist, but let’s break down a few common ones.

Child Custody Agreements: A custody case can take place for a few reasons. It most commonly happens because the two parents are not married or they once were married and are now separating. In this case, a family lawyer will either help parents come to a custody agreement during mediation – or it will be taken to court with a judge to help decide.

Legal Guardian Status: Guardianship can be granted to a person to make all decisions (medical, financial, etc.) for a child – or an adult if they cannot take care of themselves. This decision will be handled by a family court.

Changing Marital Status: A family lawyer can help with the changing of marital status. This can mean that someone chooses to end or put a hold on their marriage status by means of separation, annulment, or divorce.

Legal Name Changes: If an adult or a child wants to legally change their first or last name, a family lawyer can move this process along.

Adoption Cases: When an individual or a family is in the process of adopting a child, a family court can give parents custody of the child and a lawyer will help with the legal documents involved.

A family lawyer can work on a wide variety of cases. If you’re in need of a family lawyer, contact Bineham and Gillem today.

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