San Antonio Child Protective Services (CPS) Attorneys

Fighting Allegations Of Child Neglect And Abuse

In Texas, Child Protective Services (CPS) is the agency responsible for investigating allegations of neglect and abuse of children. If you find yourself the target of a CPS investigation, your children may be taken from you, there will be an overwhelming amount of paperwork to fill out and requirements to meet, and you may feel as though you will never see your children again. What’s the most important thing to know when this happens? You have options, and an experienced attorney can help you assert your rights.

At Bineham & Gillen, PLLC, our San Antonio, Texas, lawyers help those caught up in CPS investigations by:

  • Negotiating with CPS agents
  • Investigating the charges leveled against our clients
  • Showing clients how to meet CPS and court requirements
  • Standing up for our clients’ rights before, during and after the Chapter 262 initial hearing
  • Assisting with the development of acceptable service plans
  • Doing everything possible to help clients reunite their families

We know that any matter involving your family, especially those where your children are removed from your home, are emotionally charged and filled with anxiety. We fight for your rights to minimize the disruption and emotional trauma that you and your children experience as a result of overzealous CPS investigations or false allegations of child abuse or neglect.

We also represent aunts, uncles and grandparents seeking to place children with their blood relatives through adoption. Even if CPS is against these adoptions, our skillful attorneys can stand up for your rights and help you preserve your family.

Bexar County Children’s Court Attorneys Handling CPS Matters

If your children have been taken from you or a CPS complaint was filed against you, contact us as soon as possible at 210-541-6800. At your free initial consultation, we will help you understand all of your rights, and outline the ways that we can help you bring your family back together.