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divorceThree Tips For A Successful Divorce

January 30, 2023by James Gillen

Divorce is a struggle for many families to adapt to. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to get a divorce, you will want to make sure it is as painless as possible. Long and emotional trials can drain your mental and emotional health, but there are plenty of ways to ensure your divorce is successful and succinct.

At Bineham & Gillen in San Antonio, Texas, we believe you should be able to get what you’re entitled to and be treated how you deserve. Going through a divorce while advocating for yourself doesn’t have to be drawn out and hostile. Here are three tips to make sure your divorce is successful without losing the things that matter to you most.

1. Act Courteously For A Successful Divorce

The most important aspect of a successful divorce is acting courteously to the other parties involved. This is especially important in cases that are highly emotional, unwanted or involve high levels of betrayal. While it can be cathartic to let your ex-partner know everything that is on your mind, self-control is essential to the success of your divorce.

Courtesy in Court

The hardest part about being in court for many couples is the emotional impact it can have on them. Being courteous to your ex-partner outside of court is extremely important for courtesy in court, as your behavior can be used as evidence!

If your partner isn’t being courteous and is engaging in toxic behaviors, make sure to either not respond or to respond politely. Simple phrases that set clear boundaries without insulting the other person will show emotional maturity to the court without inflaming the trial any longer.

Judge’s Favor

Winning the judge’s favor takes a lot of hard work and consistency, but it can massively change the outcome of cases. Remaining calm and composed in areas of high stress shows emotional maturity and makes you more likable! While the judge rules off on the facts of the case, acting out in court will only serve against you.

2. Get Educated When Preparing For Divorce

Education is a step that a lot of couples skip whenever they’re filing for divorce. While the general premise stays the same across counties, many state and local laws may differ from what you expect. This could range from prenuptial agreement restrictions to how the assets are divided between no-fault divorces. Educating yourself on your lawyer’s arguments will give you a clearer vision of post-divorce outcomes.

Education is also instrumental in the case of a divorce involving children. Finding the best way to break the news or talk about the future can be complicated. Education on what happens after divorce for your children is a good idea to begin preparing them. Don’t discuss trial proceedings or your partner with your kids, as that will not be looked upon favorably in court.

3. Secure A Good Family Lawyer

Finding a good family lawyer will have a significant impact on the outcome of your trial. Picking a lawyer is a multifaceted process that involves:

  • Personality types
  • Communication styles
  • Interests
  • Billing practices

A family lawyer with a solid reputation will ensure transparency with their billing practices and give you reasonable expectations of what you can expect from settlements and the division of assets. If you notice your lawyer lacks in one of the aspects listed above, proceedings are available to secure different counsel before trial. Having a lawyer you can trust will make your case better for the course and help you see through the trial on an emotional level.

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