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When most people hear the phrase “restraining order,” they typically associate domestic violence or harassment. While a restraining order does protect victims of family violence in some states, the state of Texas calls this a protective order. So what is the difference between a temporary restraining order and a protective order, and when do you […]


If you and your spouse or former partner are splitting with children involved, it’s important to understand the child custody law in Texas. First, you need to know who is considered immediate family by law and how it applies to your child custody case. What Legally Defines Immediate Family? Immediate family refers to a person’s […]


There are many reasons why couples decide to split-up, but in order to get a divorce in the state of Texas, the reason must fall under one of the seven grounds of divorce. The seven grounds for divorce in Texas include: Insupportability Living Apart Adultery Cruelty Felony Criminal Conviction Abandonment Confinement to a Mental Hospital […]